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Shane Lynch

I have been involved in film and television for nearly 20 years where I started as a casting assistant before returning to study and graduating in 2002 with a degree in post production editing from Unitec.

During my career in television I developed a passion for website and graphic design and after 15 years in post production I took the step to explore and develop my design and creative interests.

I am now able to combine my skills in graphic and web design with my background in television editing where I was successful with an excellent eye for detail to pursue a career I enjoy.

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All my websites are designed to be mobile friendly and they are tested on Google's mobile friendly analysis site to make sure they are.

I can build templates and letterheads for invoices and correspondance using the colors of the website to tie it all together. If you would like I can also design a business card along the look of the website design.

Sometimes it is cheaper, and certainly more efficient, to get your website designed and all your graphic designing completed at the same time.

Websites created with online website builders such as Weebly or Wix can also be built. These do have limited customisation but they are an option if you want a site built and then do updates yourself.

Prices are determined on the size of your project, but I guarantee that a quote is a quote - unless there is a major alteration to the project, there will be no hidden costs or surprises.

Altough I am based in West Auckland, I can work on websites all around the country, even overseas with email, Skype and social media making this possible. I maintain a website based in Romania, you can't get much more isolated than that.

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  • Email Shane
  • 02250 74263
  • Based in Henderson, West Auckland.